The Healing Cloud Project 2013 consisted of a group of 12 designers who came together to help create a series of fundraising campaigns to raise awareness for Coaniquem Burned Children Foundation.

In roughly 3 months, we presented a renewed Coaniquem Foundation aimed to teach children and families about fire safety and prevention in their homes. Due to the complicated and extensive healing process of young burn victims, we also needed to raise awareness among donors and contributors for a more long-term commitment.  Among several children's books, animated shorts, posters, flyers, brochures and even a mascot, these productions are available in Chile and throughout South America.


From rough sketches to researching what children visually respond to in an educational environment, we created Santi - the mascot. Santi, short for Santiago, is not only a very common name in South America but the capital of Chile (the origin of the Coaniquem Foundation) as well.  

We decided to make him an ocelot, which is a recognizable animal in the region, not to mention adorable and colorful for our mission! Here are a couple pages from the 4-book series aimed towards young children, teaching about fire safety in their homes illustrated and designed by Diana Lui, Trisha Kim, Jennifer Cho and I.

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